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SCCD, the Schumpeter Centre for Creative Destruction, is an independent think tank with a dual research and educational vocation, whose mission is the popularisation of the most important economic issues of our times: demographics, innovation, IT, globalisation, labour economics, and the energy sector.

The only unchanging force in economics, politics and society, is the dynamic of constant change. An individual, company, or government, who are unable to adapt to these changes and do not know how to prepare for and implement them, sooner or later will succumb to their negative effects. In order to prevent this from happening, our experts, brought together by the SCCD, publish, educate and express their opinion on the most important aspects of competitiveness in our ever-changing contemporary world. These actions are in line with the thinking of Joseph Schumpeter, the inspiration of our think tank and our take on change and competitiveness.

  • The key role of innovation in todays economy
    Innovation is currently one of the most popular buzzwords used to describe business projects, which enable individuals and societies to enrich themselves. Schumpeter considered innovativeness as one of the most important features of an enterprise wishing to retain a high position on the market. 
  • Creative destruction as a positive force for change
    He coined the term of ‘creative destruction’. This is a powerful and merciless force, which makes capitalism into the most effective vehicle for wealth creation in societies. It has a positive nature and promotes competition. Thanks to this phenomenon even large companies have to constantly improve their products or services, or they too will be faced with destruction or replacement with smaller and more agile and creative competitors. 
  • Entrepreneurship is responsible for creating new value and improving our lives
    ‘Creative destruction’ explains the nature of change and economic development. It is responsible for the creation of start-ups and emergence of new technologies. The amazing ability of capitalism to be reborn, to change, transform, is thanks to entrepreneurs – individuals, who leverage innovation or change our world. 
  • How individuals companies and governments can thrive in the new world economy
    But ‘creative destruction’ doesn’t only apply to companies, it also works on individuals, who try to remain on and thrive in the labour market. It also works on the most powerful governments, on international organisations and highly-effective local authorities. 

 Joseph Schumpeter was one of the most prominent thinkers in history, an economist drawing on the Austrian school of economics and the classic achievements of liberalism. Schumpeter may be called the prophet of the world of IT, the internet, and new technologies. While the 20th century was dominated by discussion about the theories of great economists such as: Hayek, Mises, Friedman, Stiglitz, North or Keynes, the 21st century will surely be the time of the economic reflections of Joseph Alois Schumpeter.

We research both emerging and developed markets. Our experts specialise in new institutional economics, entrepreneurship, management, demographics, in the energy sector, in strategic consulting, economic analysis, also creating forecasts of the effects of public policy on the economy. We also analyse the behaviour of individuals and the ways in which they can remain relevant in the market. We merge an analytical methodology with scientific curiosity and broad first-hand experience gained on the market. We believe that modern technology and methodologies will be the key to social well-being, coupled with the removal of any institutional and market barriers and rigidities. We are interested in the social sciences with particular focus on economics, demographics, management and IT.


Sergiusz Prokurat

Profile photo of Sergiusz Prokurat President of the Schumpeter Centre. PhD Economist, historian, Executive MBA graduate. Lecturer at the Euroregional University of Economy in Poland, Universidad de Granada and Universidad de Jaume I in (both in Spain), interested in economic science and practical management methods. Author of the best-selling book "Work 2.0: Nowhere to Hide". Director of the CSPA think tank. Business consultant. Sergiusz has worked with Citibank, PWC, KPMG, Accenture, A.T.Kearney, Capgemini, IBM, Ernst&Young. Expert in project management and IT. He has the following certificates: PMP, ITIL, PRINCE2, MOR, Six Sigma Black Belt. His articles and opinion pieces have been published in „The Hill”, "The Journal”, „America Latina Business Review”, „Warsaw Business Journal”, „The Observer”, and „Harvard Business Review”, and many leading media in Poland. Author of many academic publications. He speaks English, Spanish, Polish, Indonesian and Malaysian.


Jan Fabisiak

Profile photo of Jan Fabisiak General Director of the Schumpeter Centre. Lives and works mainly in Mexico City. Jan is a Polish-born economist, blogger, peer-reviewed author, journalist, public speaker and thought leader. He dedicates part of his time to running his start-up in Mexico. Jan is also a founding member of the Mexico-Poland Chamber of Commerce. Jan is a native English and Polish speaker with near-native proficiency in Spanish. He has 2 MAs: in Finance and International Relations from the Warsaw School of Economics, he has studied an MBA programme in Mexico and has multiple professional certifications. Jan is also the author of many academic publications and articles in the international press. He has hands-on experience working with the corporate world, including Citibank, UBS, Alior Bank, and multiple consulting firms.

Tomasz Mazur

Profile photo of Tomasz Mazur IT specialist at the Schumpeter Cebtre. Expert in IT and designing internet platforms based on WordPress and Joomla.

Kamila Lorentowicz

Profile photo of Kamila Lorentowicz Project Manager. Graduated from the Behavioural Studies Faculty at Łódź University, with a specialisation in adult education. Economic technician by profession. Her interests include: medicine, sport- mainly swimming, volleyball; cooking; travelling. Has her own business based in Łódź. Speaks English, Polish and Russian.

Alexia Lefebvre

Profile photo of Alexia Lefebvre Project Coordinator for Latin America and Spain. Alexia studied Communications at Tec de Monterrey Querétaro campus and also has a Master's degree in Journalism and Digital Communications. Born in France but living in Mexico for the last 20 years, Alexia speaks English and French, although she thinks and writes in Spanish. Dedicates most of her time to writing, translating and editing. Alexia has worked for the digital edition of Letras Libres, for Editorial Planeta as a book reader, and for the Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Querétaro, all the while discovering the fascinating world of marketing. She founded and was part of the team at LEO A.C., an NGO promoting readership among children and teenagers, which is one of her most cherished causes. Alexia is a self-professed geek who brings together her love for technology with her undying interest in the dynamics behind international politics.

Kamil Sabatowski

Profile photo of Kamil Sabatowski Board member and expert at the Schumpeter Centre. Manager specialising in IT and digital marketing. Kamil dedicates his professional life to strategic management in technological projects and innovation management. He is also an analyst of institutional economics - including the impact of cultural and technological factors on the economy and the process of economic decision making by managers. He is a keen observer of the sharing economy, shared consumption, mergers and acquisitions in the innovation industry and in new technologies. He is a proponent of the concept ,,think and act globally" - he is of the opinion that in today's globalised world barriers for entry are being demolished and expansion is a necessary element of effectively competing for market share. Alumnus of the University of Warsaw. His hobbies include oriental studies and volleyball. Co-organiser of the largest festival of Asian cultures in Poland.

Kinga Kwiatkowska

Profile photo of Kinga Kwiatkowska Project Coordinator for Poland at the Schumpeter Centre and news editor. Kinga has an MA in cultural studies and new media with a minor in culture management from the Pedagogical Univeristy of Cracow. Copywriter and freelancer, whose articles have appeared on the websites of Brief, Nowy Marketing and Dziennik. In her spare time Kinga is in love with New York, the Beatles, cooking and Woody Allen movies. Prolific reader of counterculture literature and travel enthusiast.

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