Emerging Markets

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The Asian Tigers and the Global Crisis

While the US and EU were reeling from the economic meltdown, the dynamic countries of Asia kept up a fairly quick expansion rate even in the very difficult crisis year of 2009. In Asia, as opposed to the European Union and US, the main cause of the...


The (Un)even Development of Asia

Seemingly Asia is monolithic in its growth. But upon closer inspection the Pacific region is full of potential conflict. Economic growth is preventing Asia from undertaking military initiatives for now; however, the region is on a path leading to an...

this is not energy efficiency

Energy (In)efficient Asian Economies

Will it be difficult to avoid catastrophic climate change? Yes, this will be very difficult, especially in Asia, if we are to believe the newest report by the Asian Development Bank. The bank’s report „Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific”...

Bitcoin or bust!

Bitcoin: (Probably) an Asian Invention

A virtual currency – is it a blessing or a threat? Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, also because a large part of transactions is being performed in Asia. Bitcoin originated in Japan. Its alleged creator is Satoshi Nakamoto....

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