Work with us

Work with us

We would like to invite you to become a collaborator of the Schumpeter Centre (SCCD), forming part of our research community. Everyone is a useful addition to our team and with your work you can contribute, improving the way we fulfil our mission, which is correctly describing events, showing the big picture and expanding the limited coverage provided by traditional media. We also prepare reports, essays, recommendations on the labour market and value creation, the energy market, demographic issues, innovation and globalisation. We believe that we live in times where reaching the correct audience with the correct message is an absolutely key endeavour. SCCD, as a global think tank based in London, Warsaw and Mexico City, brings together a readership including decision makers and scholars researching the subjects we specialise in. Our ambition is to shape reality and set the course for the future.

We are actively seeking the collaboration of:

Authors – if you have writing skills and would like to share your knowledge with our readers, you are more than welcome. We would especially want to encourage people with a professional background/interest in the labour market, innovation, globalisation, demographics, or the energy sector. We would like to invite people who have worked as journalists or a profession linked to business, economics, finance, international relations, and work in NGOs. We also accept applications from people with a different academic background / work experience, who can prove their writing skills. We describe events taking place all over the world and we are looking for a broad range of interests among our collaborators.

If you are interested in working with us, please send some of your writing over to us. Please consult the terms and conditions (link), and guidelines on writing articles (link). Please also remember that regular high-quality contributions may lead to your promotion to expert.

Experts and collaborators – if you feel you are up to the challenge. If you have the adequate education and/or background and you see yourself working with SCCD, we would like to invite you to start regular cooperation. Not everyone can become an SCCD expert. Apart from a declaration of regular contributions, you also need a few other traits. Above all you must be well prepared academically and have a proven track record – because we always recommend people whose intellectual skills are known and clear to us – and this is the basis of our success. You also need to have good communication skills, presenting your knowledge in an interesting and comprehensible way, coupled with the ability to work in a team. If you are interested in work as an expert, remember that this entails a certain level of effort on your part (e.g. regular writing for us or coordinating your actions with other SCCD contributors). If this sounds too much for you, we simply recommend starting your own blog, but if you are a people person and enjoy working with others and if you want to achieve success by raising your visibility with SCCD, simultaneously promoting other members of your team – this is the place for you.

Please send us your résumé, a few articles you have written and please specify the vision you have for our cooperation. We are always open to new experts. If you are interested please contact us through our web page (link), specifying the subject as ‘Expert’. Please remember that working with SCCD is a commitment and is based on sharing your knowledge, but it is also an opportunity to raise your visibility and to work with an interesting team of people with similar passions and interests.

Editors/Volunteers- if you are university or secondary (high school) student interested in one of the following: economics, IT, innovation, globalisation, demographics, the energy sector, the labour market, creating value, and you need to do an internship for academic credit; we can help you earn credit by working for us. After your internship is over we issue an official certification stating the completion of your internship. But here with us your experience is so much more than just putting in the hours and getting the credit. We also offer long-term work for people who can prove their ability to work on international sources and writing short news articles on their basis. At SCCD you can become part of an interesting team, meet many passionate people and also learn from your peers, and in the future you might even have the opportunity of collaborating with us on a regular long-term basis. However, currently we get a couple dozen applications per week and we only offer work to those who can motivate their interest. If you are interested in collaborating please contact us (link), specifying the message subject as ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Editor’.

Sponsors and advertisers– if you like our idea, please contribute with a donation. We can offer much in return. We ask for contributions from both large companies, with whom we can jointly conduct projects and conferences, and any individual who likes the way in which we try to implement our ideas and would like to help us with a small amount, specifying its intended destination. If you are interested in this form of cooperation please write to us via the Contact Us page (link), specifying the subject as ‘Sponsorship’ or ‘Advertisers’.

Institutional partners if you require the professional support of our experts or want to send out a message which would interest our readers through the SCCD networking, we will be happy to help, by providing academic support to your event or message. However, please be aware that we only support causes which we deem intellectually acceptable (and also those which are in line with our subject matter and activities), and we only cooperate with reliable partners on mutually beneficial conditions. Acting according to these principles has won us the support of many institutions on multiple markets. Also in this case please write to us using the Contact Us page (link), with the subject ‘Institutional partner’.

Hoping to hear from you,
The SCCD team

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