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  • Demographics
    Human capital is becoming the key element for generating growth. Furthermore, demographic trends, such as population ageing, falling birth rates, and changing patterns of co-habitation (more singles, less families) are affecting the supply of workers for companies. The central issue of our times is the polarisation between many – mostly young – workers out of work and companies which can’t find specialists to fill their recruiting needs. Here we concentrate on how our changing reproductive behaviour, our societal ageing and changing educational trends impact the world we live in.
  • Work and Value Creation
    The process of generating value in the world economy is undergoing rapid changes. Understanding how to avoid the threats and harness opportunities linked to these transformations is key knowledge for any individual, company or state. The old ways of sourcing and providing work, the role and distribution of value chains, the degrees of vertical and horizontal integration of firms are all changing. Cost and profit considerations are being re-examined. Here we research the changing nature of adding value from the individual, firm, state and international perspective, focusing on new business models, adaptations to new market realities and the impact of these changes on our everyday lives.
  • Global Innovations
    Globalisation has accompanied humankind for all its history, but now it has achieved a critical mass, where the whole planet is as close as ever to be a single market. Globalisation is also intimately linked to the process of innovation, which thrives when markets are deeper and more horizontally integrated. However, the world is much less globalised than is commonly assumed and in some areas much more so than in others. Globalisation also varies greatly between countries. While its growing trend is caused by technological progress, there are many barriers hampering its advance. Here we focus our attention on the horizontal and vertical integration of markets, on the technology and politics which makes this possible, and on all the other types of innovation which shift the planet towards more integration. We also specifically investigate the barriers holding back the forces of globalisation.
  • Energy
    Energy, defined both as the fossil fuels we mainly use for transport and the calorie intake we need to keep us alive, is the key ingredient of a functioning global economy. Without sustainable energy use very long-term growth is impossible. The rise of large and previously poor countries is creating a strain on natural resources and the global climate. Furthermore, notwithstanding the negative effects of increased energy use, we are also faced with the problem of (theoretically) infinite economic growth in a closed planetary system. Here we concentrate on how humankind is fuelling its economic expansion and its own existence, and how this key ingredient of prosperity can shift to a more sustainable model.
  • Emerging Markets
    This is an auxiliary category, bringing together all our research and all news on the emerging markets.
  • Developed World
    This is an auxiliary category, bringing together all our research and all news on the rich world.
  • Expert Commentary
    The latest commentary from our experts on all the issues we cover in our research.
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